Brenda L. Williams

Brenda Williams is a mother, grandmother, and retired Army veteran with twenty-one years of service, during which she was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. She is currently living with her husband of thirty-one years in Colorado, where she enjoys reading, painting, writing, and spending time with her grandchildren. In 2019, Brenda released the book "The Cabin": a steamy romantic thriller that brings the reader on an unforgettable adventure to the lost world of Atlantis.

"The Cabin"s plot:


Kristoff, a gatekeeper from Atlantis, has lived among humans for a very long time without finding his destined mate. He needs her power in order to open the gate. He had felt the moment she was born into the world, and now that she has matured into an adult, her power has grown. She is starting to appear to him in his dreams, and now finally, she appeared to him in his study as flesh and blood. It's finally time for him to make her his, no matter what. Breanna is supposed to marry Zachary in a few weeks, but she's dreaming about another man whom she has never met. Time away from everyone should give her time to think before she ruins her life. The cabin came to mind, and Breanna headed there without thought. After getting settled in, Breanna takes a relaxing bath and immediately starts dreaming of the man again, but this time, she finally sees his face clearly, and he even says her name, causing her to wake up. This can't be a dream.


"The Cabin" is also available in the Apple iTunes store, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

Readers' Reviews

Brenda Williams is a genius. I love love this book can’t wait for the next one.

Wouldn't be a true love story without drama, lust, and war. This had it all! Picturing this story line had my mind wondering what was next and if true love would win the war unfolding. Will definitely read this book again!

Holley Griffin,

Amazon Buyer

Who loves romance need to definitely read this book. Such a turn on!

Tim Reed,

Amazon Buyer